About Us

The Bemidji Civil Air Patrol Squadron is know as Northland Composite Squadron.


We meet at the Bemidji Regional Airport on Monday nights, from 6:00-8:30 pm. Visit Us


Anyone is welcome to come and check it out with no obligations! Cadets must be 12-18 years old and senior members must be 18 or older to join. Don’t worry about getting a uniform, or any of the details. We'll help you out with everything every step of the way. And if you decide to join a uniform will be provided for you!


Cadets in the Northland Squadron have many opportunities to participate in fun and educational activities, such as orientation flights, search & rescue training and missions, building and launching model rockets, participating in robotics, and physical training, winter survival, summer encampment, and too many more activities to mention!


Adult senior members have the opportunity to support and join in on all these awesome opportunities as well!



Members of the Northland Squadron also are provided with opportunities to vollunteer for community events, and other activities to serve our community as part of our mission.

Our missions


Leadership training is an important part of our mission as well. It is very important that this nation brings up the next generation of leaders and Civil Air Patrol's cadet leadership training is focused on creating excellent, respectful youth who aren't afraid to step up and lead.

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