GES Course:

GES (General Emergency Services)

GES is a basic or entry level rating that is required to participate in Emergency Services activities.


1. Sign on to eServices to take required tests.


2. Take the 116 Test: 

  • On the left, click on "CAP On-line Courses & Exams" A message pops up that you are leaving the .GOV domain.

  • Click okay.

  • You will see a page full of tests and courses, go down to Operations Exams Select CAPT 116 pt.1 (General ES) and take the test.


3. Now you need to take the IS100 and IS700 Tests: (This may take up to an hour per test)

  • Go to Operations and click on FEMA Courses in the left column.

  • Go down the list (Page 2) until you find "IS100.b (Introduction to Incident Command System), ICS100"

  • Take the Interactive Web-Based Course.

  • You can download the Final Exam Questions first if you would like to, to help you as you go through the course.

  • Once you are done with the course, Take The Final Exam.

  • Be sure to click submit or "record results" when you are done!

  • After you take the test, it automatically shows up on your 101 card in eServices


ICS Courses:

ICS (Incident Command System)

ICS is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazards approach to incident management. ICS allows all responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure that matches the complexities and demands of the incident while respecting agency and jurisdictional authorities.


Cadet Leadership/Aerospace Tests:

Sign on to eServices where you can login and take your leadership test.

Cadet Drill Tests:

Click the link to the left to download CAPT_782, the drill test manual.

Cadet PT Tests:

Click the link to the left to download CAPP 52-18 , the PT manual.